4 Easy Ways to Fix Bad Doggy Breath

4 Easy Ways to Fix Bad Doggy Breath

Dogs can emit a plethora of nasty smells for many different reasons, but most would agree that bad breath is probably the most egregious. Unpleasant dog breath can be caused by anything from tooth decay to diet, so we are going to show you 4 easy ways to help fix it, as well as some clues as to what could be the culprit.

1. Brush Your Dogs Teeth

Yeah, we agree that you’ll find this advice just about anywhere you ask this question, but it’s crucial that you brush your dog’s teeth if he will allow it. You can actually get doggy toothpaste that they’ll probably love which comes in many flavors, but it may be wise to not jump right in and start brushing your dog’s teeth without warning. Let him taste it first to slowly get used to both the paste and the brush. Be sure to reward him with a treat every time you have success and before you know it he will learn to enjoy the daily routine. Make sure you purchase toothpaste specifically designed for pets as human toothpaste can make your dog sick.

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2. Use Breath Spray

When we think of breath spray, often images of a leisure suit clad gigolo trying to impress women in a night club come to mind, but you can actually find breath spray with all natural ingredients designed specifically for dogs. This is a great alternative for the stubborn dog that simply will not allow you to brush his teeth and can serve as a quick fix if you’re in a rush. A small squirt takes virtually no time and is actually quite effective.

3. Give your Dog a Bone or Dental Chew

The chewing action helps keep bacteria to a minimum, which is the number one cause of bad breath. Keep in mind, if you give your dog a real bone make sure its uncooked as cooked ones tend to splinter easily. If you’re worried about splintering, consider finding chew toys specifically designed for dental care.

4. Cut the Carbs

Dog food tends to be high in fillers and carbs which stick to their teeth and gums becoming a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Cutting carbs and sugars eliminates the gunk that bacteria like to feed on. We recommend using a grain free diet whenever possible. Surprisingly, dry dog food does not help clean teeth or remove plaque. A raw diet is much healthier than dry food and will go a long way in eliminating odor. Be sure to check out our article on Nutritious Foods for Adventurous Dogs.

If you try these methods to no avail, it’s probably time to visit the vet to ensure there isn’t an underlying heath issue like poor liver function, diabetes or kidney disease. One final note; we know it’s funny and cute to see a dog drink from a toilet bowl, but it’s also a huge breeding ground for bacteria so, it’s best to eliminate this behavior if you can.

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