Summertime Dog Tips: Avoiding Heat Exhaustion and Heat Strokes

Every summer, many dogs suffer from heat stroke or heat exhaustion.  Heat stroke can be deadly, but this can usually be prevented by taking some common-sense steps to protect your pet. Prevention is definitely a better than cure when it comes to canine heat stroke, but sometimes it’s easy to forget how long Fido has been left out in the heat. Heat exhaustion is a precursor to heat stroke, so you need to be able to recognize the early warning signs. Vomiting, diarrhea, heavy panting, and inner ear redness are signs you need to get your dog out of the…

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The Best Natural, High Protein Dog Food for Adventurous Pups

When we refer to adventurous dogs, we are talking about dogs that are moderate to extremely active; this includes working dogs, competitions, dogs or pets that go on regular hikes or runs with their owners. An adventurous or active dog requires a different diet than a stay at home dog that is more sedentary. Therefore, we will discuss why it's essential for an active dog to have a nutritious diet, and what nutritious high protein dog food you can give your active pup. Benefits Of Protein and Fat For Active Dogs Adventurous dogs that work or get a lot of…

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