Nutritious Foods for Adventurous Dogs

Nutritious Foods for Adventurous Dogs

When we refer to adventurous dogs, we are talking about dogs that are fairly to extremely active; this includes working dogs, competitions dogs or pets that go on regular hikes or runs with their owners. An adventurous or active dog requires a different diet than a stay at home dog that is more sedentary. Therefore, we will discuss why it’s important for an active dog to have a nutritious diet, and what nutritious foods you can give your adventurous dog.

Adventurous dogs that work or get a lot of exercise throughout the day, will typically require a diet much higher in protein. During exercise, the body breaks down muscle protein, and if an active dog doesn’t get the required amount of protein, he can suffer from muscle loss. However, there are different types of protein, and active or adventurous dogs require proteins from meat, not the plant protein you typically find in many dog foods. It’s always important to know what is going into the dog food that you’re buying.

Contrary to popular belief, adult dogs do not require carbohydrates in their diet, which seems to be quite abundant in many dog foods, so carbs should generally be kept to a minimum. Protein provides energy, muscle mass, and strength, all of which are necessary for an active dog, and some fats can also help them with energy, strength, and endurance. Moreover, it is important to have a well-balanced diet for an adventurous dog, with the right amount of protein, amino acids, and essential fatty acids so that he can stay active throughout his life.

Healthy & Nutritious Dog Food Brands

When it comes to purchasing food for your active dog, ingredients can vary amongst brands.  We recommend Wellness Core Air-Dried Dog Food, Taste of the Wild, or Canidae Grain Free. Keep in mind, it is still important for you to investigate the ingredients yourself, because many foods have fillers and other unnecessary ingredients such as bone meal in them which do not benefit your dog. In your search, try to find food that has:

  • A minimum of 30% protein
  • More than 20% fat content for dried food
  • or 8% upwards of protein and over 5% fat in wet foods

Homemade Nutritious Food for Dogs

Homemade meals for your active dog can be fun to prepare and are often cheaper than buying from the local pet store, as long as you know what ingredients are best. First, you want to be sure your dog is going to get plenty of protein, around 40%, which can be achieved by including muscle meat, liver, fish as well as a source of fat such as fish oil or safflower. Further, you want include some carbs that contain fiber such as brown rice or sweet potatoes. Making your own dog food can be convenient as you can make up a couple of days worth at a time, just be sure to serve the correct amounts for your size dog. We also recommend talking to your local vet about dietary issues.

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