The Best Healthy, Natural, Low Sodium Dog Food Choices

The Best Healthy, Natural, Low Sodium Dog Food Choices

There’s a plethora of cheap dog foods on the market today but, unfortunately, many of them contain rather high amounts of sodium.  Dogs do need a certain amount of sodium in their diet but it’s in just about everything, including snacks and treats.  To help you cut back to healthier levels, we have listed some of the best healthy, natural, low sodium dog foods you can check out the next time you’re at the pet supply store. You can even make your own.

Keep in mind, some of the foods we will be recommend may not necessarily be best for your specific breed.  We have just compiled some low sodium options that have been recommended by dog owners.  Some dogs require less sodium due to certain health conditions like heart or kidney disease, so you should always speak to your vet before making drastic changes in diet. However, since salt is added to just about everything, one easy way to cut back is to buy salt free treats.

Complete Health by Wellness is a healthy, natural, dry food which is low in sodium. It doesn’t contain any soy, by-products, corn or artificial flavors.  It also has higher levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are great for the coat. They’ve also supplemented glucosamine and chondroitin which helps to support hip and joint health. This is an all-around quality dog food that will improve joint issues, his coat and will help with digestion.

Holistic brands are becoming ever more popular, and are very healthy. Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food is pretty hard to beat. Holistic is a low sodium, salt free dog food with live yogurt cultures and a blend of antioxidant’s. This company puts thought into what they are putting in their food. Holistic contains fresh fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients to aid with digestion. There are many more companies out there producing low sodium options, but this is one of the better ones we have found.  On the other hand, you could save some money and make your own low sodium dog food.

Chicken and rice are great for your dog and they’re both low in sodium. Use one cup of cooked chicken or chicken breast, be sure to take all the bones out once it’s cooked. Use two cups of rice, preferably long grain, then add a teaspoon of bone meal powder.  Stir all the ingredients together and voila!  This recipe usually feeds a medium size dog so adjust accordingly. Remember to always consult your vet before making any major changes to your dog’s diet, especially if they already have any health issues or conditions that need to be monitored regularly.  For healthy, homemade dog treat options, be sure to check out our article on DIY Dog Treats.

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